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St. Louis is no stranger to the strong effects that storm damage can have on a home. Blown off shingles, dents in your gutters, and even large debris and tree limbs can fall causing major concern. After a big storm hits, don’t wait long to get your roof thoroughly inspected and repaired. Our roofers at ShowMe Roofing & Exteriors have seen over 21 years of storms and have helped homes all over the St. Louis area recover from the devastating damage. We’ve built a reputation for reliability and we don’t continue to change that any time soon. Call us and we’ll give you a free roof inspection to ensure your roofing problem is fixed quickly.






What To Look Out For After A Storm

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  • After Heavy Wind Damage

Keep an eye out for missing shingles or any that are cracked or buckled. Also, look for damage to any chimneys such as loose bricks and crumbling cement.

  • After Hail Damage

Dents and breaks in your roof are common occurrences when it comes to hail damage. Also, take a look at your gutters as well. They are common victims of the effects of hail.

  • Fallen Debris

Anytime tree branches or any other debris falls on your roof, you always have the risk of severe damages. Broken or damaged shingles and gutters are quite common. This can then lead to holes in your roof and the chance for water leaks in your home. 

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Common FAQ’s About Storm Damage Roof Repairs

Does insurance cover roof damage from a storm?

Homeowners insurance typically covers wind damage, hail damage, and rain or snow that gets inside your home due to wind damage to your roof.

What should I do after a big storm hits?

After each severe storm, it’s always best to take a walk around your home and look for any damage to shingles, any fallen debris that may have fallen on your roof, and any bent, broken, and fallen gutters. 

Helping Repair St. Louis Roofs After Each Severe Storm

The next time a severe storm strikes the St. Louis area, make sure to call the roofing company that keeps the highest standard to our work. For over 21 years, the roofers at ShowMe Roofing & Exteriors have helped homeowners in the St. Louis area with storm damage roof repairs. We’ll proudly provide a free inspection to your roof after any severe storm to assure that the damages are not as severe as they appear. Call us today or fill out one of our quick forms to schedule your free inspection today!


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