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Roof repairs for a commercial building are a much more detailed and thorough process than your average home roof repair. It involves a certain level of expertise and experience that is needed to ensure the job is done correctly. At ShowMe Roofing & Exteriors, all of our commercial roof repairs are done right and comply with all the necessary safety regulations. If your roof is older or even showing any signs it may need repairs, call one of our trained roofing experts to give you the free inspection you’re roof needs. We’ll be able to take a look at the underlying issues and give you the details needed for your next repair.

When You Might Need Repairs To Your Commercial Roof

  • Bubbles on the Roof

Whenever you notice bubbles or blisterings on your roof, it is usually a sign that moisture is trapped under the material. This can lead to more issues because of water seeping through and causing strong damage to your roof and building.

  • Sagging

Your commercial roof should always be level. If you take notice of sagging in one area then it is most likely the cause of built-up moisture or too much weight from other factors on that side.

  • Problems with Flashings

Any deteriorating or missing flashings are clear signs that your roof has some problems that should be addressed soon.

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Keep your commercial roof in the best condition possible. Our repair services are available for many different commercial roof types including …… so we are sure to have the answers to your problem. With over 21 years of experience helping facilities with all their roofing needs, we have the training necessary to meet industry and safety standards as well as assure you have a sturdy, beautiful roof covering your building. If you have any reason to believe your roof is in need of some repairs, call us at ShowMe Roofing & Exteriors. Our free roof inspections are available to ensure all the current issues are addressed and taken care of.


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