Our Residential & Commercial Roofing Process

The Key to A Long-Lasting Roof

At ShowMe Roofing, we’ve spent countless hours perfecting our roofing process to ensure that your home or commercial business is set up for success. With our set process, we’ve been able to ensure the highest quality work that we have become known for.

New Slate Roof on a home.

Steps to Success

01. Consultation (Roof Inspection)

The initial step in our roofing process begins with our detailed roof inspection. Here, we’ll thoroughly go through each aspect of your roof looking at the areas of damage and concern and letting you know what we can do to help.

02. Detailed Proposal

In our detailed proposal, we go over every aspect of the job we’re going to complete and the materials we’ll use to ensure everything is fixed correctly and properly.

03. Project Installation

Once the proposal is ready and looked over, we’ll begin the work on your next roofing installation or repair. This step is always met with the high-quality work and attention to detail that we’re known for. During this time we also make sure to keep you updated with every step and aspect of the project. 

04. Final Inspection

After the job is complete, we’ll make one final inspection to ensure that everything meets our high standards and is done to your satisfaction. 

What Kind of Roofing We Do

At ShowMe Roofing & Exteriors our roofing process is tested and built to help maximize the lifespan of roofs for residential and commercial buildings. Our roofers have the professional knowledge and experience to work with a wide variety of roof types including asphalt shingles, cedar shake shingles, metal roofing, TPO roofs, and flat roofing. 

An Award-Winning Roofing Process

Keep your residential or commercial roof in the best condition possible. Our repair services are available for many different roof types so we are sure to have the answers to your problem. With over 21 years of experience helping facilities with all their roofing needs, we have the training necessary to meet industry and safety standards as well as assure you have a sturdy, beautiful roof covering your building. If you have any reason to believe your roof is in need of some repairs, call us at ShowMe Roofing & Exteriors. Our free roof inspections are available to ensure all the current issues are addressed and taken care of. 


Roofing Inspection

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